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Greg Gerling awarded two NIH grants

May 27, 2022

Professor Gregory Gerling was awarded two NIH grants, both with collaborator Professor Ellen Lumpkin of the University of California, Berkeley, Molecular and Cell Biology.

R21: Developing A Quantitative, Multiscale Imaging Approach to Identify Peripheral Mechanisms of Noxious and Innocuous Force Encoding in Mouse Models. The goal of this two-year project is to develop multiscale, in vivo imaging approaches to simultaneously quantify 3D skin mechanics and activity of sensory neuron populations, which will allow discovery of neural and non-neural mechanisms through which force-based manipulations govern the senses of touch and pain.

U24: NeuronS_MATTR Network: Neuronal & Systems Mechanisms of Affective Touch & Therapeutic Tissue Manipulation Research Network. The goal of this five-year project is to establish an inclusive research network to identify mechanisms through which soft tissue manipulations exert biological effects on the nervous system, as well as on non-neural cells and tissues. The (NeuronS_MATTR) Network will nucleate an emerging field focused on the neurobiology of soft tissue mechanotherapies. Through combinations of multidisciplinary conferences, summer schools, pilot projects and dissemination programs, NeuronS_MATTR will address high-priority areas to elucidate the neural mechanisms of forced-based manipulations.

Here's a recent message about the U24 award from the NCCIH director! (LINK)