Professor Gerling's group is always looking for outstanding prospective graduate and undergraduate students.

Prospective students should email or contact him via one of the means below. Good elements to discuss might touch upon one's background, experience, anticipated date of graduation, and research or career goals. Attach copies of any papers that you have published in English.

Undergraduate students are especially encouraged to consider graduate school. It's often the case that an undergraduate doesn't know exactly what research is when they get started and this is fine! He has mentored many, many undergraduate researchers.

He typically advises students in the degree programs of Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Professor Gerling's contact information is:

​151 Engineer's Way
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904
Phone: ​434-924-0533

Research Space

We just recently completed the renovation of the Human Systems Engineering Research Laboratory.  It's a nearly 6,000 square foot space which includes a shop area, 3D printers, nine rooms for conducting human subjects experiments, two control rooms with one way mirrors, and prototyping space.

Student seating and computational work

At UVA Engineering, graduate students are typically provided with student seating where they can work on research writing, pencil and paper problem solving ad computational modeling work on a laptop computer or on the cloud. We try to arrange it so that students sit nearby others working in the same general research area with a mix of graduate students at different points in their careers.