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Congrats to Bingxu Li and Merat Rezaei for successful MS degrees, next up PhD

May 19, 2021

Both Bingxu and Merat also recently had papers accepted to the 2021 IEEE World Haptics Symposium. Looking forward to their presentation!

Li, B. and Gerling, G.J. “Individual differences impacting skin deformation and tactile discrimination with compliant elastic surfaces.” In: 2021 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC), Montreal, Canada, 2021, in press.

Rezaei, M., Nagi, S.S., Xu, C., McIntyre, S., Olausson, H., and Gerling, G.J. “Thin Films on theSkin, but not Frictional Agents, Attenuate the Percept of Pleasantness toBrushed Stimuli.” In: 2021 IEEE WorldHaptics Conference (WHC), Montreal, Canada, 2021, in press.